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The 2019 vintage in Beaujolais

The 2019 vintage was very complicated due to the difficult weather conditions from April to August. We had to be very vigilant throughout the campaign.

The vineyard in 2019

Winter is mild and dry, and the vines are in dire need of water. The mild temperatures of February and March lead to a rather early budding (early April). The climatic hazards start quite early this year. Indeed two episodes of "cold snap" (or frost depending on the sectors) occur in the first half of April (April 5 and 14) which halt the development of the vine in the most affected sectors and slow down sharply. on others. Temperatures rise slightly after April 15, and heavy rains at the end of the month accelerate the growth of the vines. Significant breakages due to the winds occurred on April 25.

The month of May is divided between a cold first fortnight and a dry end of the month, which again slows down the cycle of the vines.

Flowering takes place in mid-June in unfavorable conditions; the temperatures are cool and the rains do not facilitate the passage of the flower. New gusts of wind at the beginning of June cause further breakages. The end of June and the beginning of July are very hot and the absence of precipitation severely limits the yield.

A few thunderstorms occur at the end of July but the rainfall is not sufficient to help the vines. Veraison takes place at the beginning of August thanks to the hot temperature and good sunshine; however, the lack of water slows down the development of ripening.

The storms of August 18 provided the water needed to restart the vines. And despite a cold and watered second part of August, the return of dry and hot weather from late August until September 22 allows the grapes to ripen well. The excellent overall condition of the foliage was also an important factor in the good development of maturation.

Quality of the 2019 harvest

Despite fairly significant pressure this year on powdery mildew, the health of the harvest is generally healthy.

The climatic conditions of the last 20 days are ideal for the harvest which, in our sector, began on September 17th.

The year 2019 is characterized by a good evolution of maturation, linked to climatic conditions (mild and dry weather at the end of maturation), the excellent condition of the foliage and moderate yields (due to cool temperatures and heavy rains). throughout the vegetative cycle).

The wines of 2019

Overall 2019 is characterized by an excellent level of concentration of sugars in grapes and an average acid potential, but the anthocyanin contents are very low.

The wines are fruity and warm with beautiful tannins. Particular attention was paid during the vinification to fix and stabilize the color as well as possible in view of the low levels of anthocyanins.

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