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2012: precious Burgundy wines

2012 will have been a rather disjointed weather year: mild winter, spring March, freshness and frost in spring, summer May, cooler and rainier June, unstable summer with heatwave, hail, thunderstorms ...

If the freshness and humidity during flowering led to coulure and millerandage, impacting the volumes harvested, the end of summer, sunny and temperate, allowed very good maturation and a healthy harvest.

The wines all have two common character traits: small quantities but good quality.

The Côte Chalonnaise

Thanks to climatic conditions that are milder than those of its neighbors, the Côte Chalonnaise produced a vintage that will mark a milestone: exemplary maturity and sanitary conditions have made it possible to develop red wines with unusual aromatic and taste characteristics.

The Côte de Beaune

Affected by hail, the south of the Côte de Beaune experienced a significant drop in its harvest volume. The white wines show remarkable overall quality, with good concentrations and an undeniable aromatic complexity.

In red, hail damage has left indelible marks. These difficult climatic conditions are responsible for the small volumes produced. The wines obtained benefited from a "concentration" effect, which has become a qualitative asset. They are fruity and spicy, full-bodied, with a fresh and pleasant acidity. Their body and their tannic structure give them very good aging potential.

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