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2014: he has everything of a great

2014 confirms the first forecasts: it is a very good vintage and the volumes are there, even if they will not completely fill the lack of stock. After another surprising weather year, September, true to its reputation, fully played its role. The grapes harvested gave birth to nicely balanced wines with intense colors.

After winter dormancy, the vine wakes up to mild, hot and dry weather. The start of the vegetative cycle suggests a good harvest potential, despite some dripping phenomena (non-transformation of flowers into fruit). At the end of June, the weather changes. The summer is rather cool and humid, but ripening is taking its course. The return of the sun and the north wind, the signature of September in Burgundy, offers the plots the best conditions to reach their full maturity. In mid-September, the harvest begins, in a serene and sunny atmosphere. The vinifications go smoothly.

The wines confirm that 2014 in Burgundy is a good vintage.

The Côte Chalonnaise

The white wines are very aromatic, greedy on the palate, have perfect balance and excellent structure, with a lot of freshness and tension which suggests a good aptitude for aging.

In red, with particularly fruity aromas, the wines, with a very nice body, hold remarkably in the mouth, thanks to a tight tannic structure. Their tense finish remains very pleasant. They should evolve beautifully over the years.

The Côte de Beaune

Of good quality, the Chardonnays offer very expressive nose, dominated by lemony and floral notes, accompanied by some scents of almonds and dried fruits. The mouths, although already wide and round, still seem a little tight and just beg to open with time. Their aging potential is real.

The Pinots have a deep red color. Particularly expressive, their aromas of small red fruits are intense and of great finesse. On the palate, the tannic and silky structure underlines the opulence and tenderness perceived. These wines will be able to go through the years with great elegance.

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