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2015: simply sublime!

Perfect! In 2015, the grapes were just perfect. Impeccable sanitary condition and optimal maturity, this is the winning duo. One year after the harvest, the tastings confirm what everyone had a presentiment of: this sunny vintage, with generous wines, will set a milestone.

Everything went very quickly in 2015, in the vines as in the winery: flowering from the beginning of June, veraison started in mid-July and grapes that we start to harvest at the end of August. The weather set the pace. The winegrowers have been able to adapt to this sustained rhythm and to unusual conditions, harvesting magnificent grapes, the guarantee of a great vintage!

The Côte Chalonnaise

The white wines of the Côte Chalonnaise are rich and dense, with magnificent aromas of ripe fruit and dried fruit. Their opulent and perfectly balanced palate is a model of its kind. Although already appreciable, these wines also show good aging potential.

The nose of Pinots de Mercurey is dazzling, dominated by intense notes of red fruits and spices. The palate is structured, full-bodied and perfectly balanced. The tannins provide a remarkable structure while being very silky. A vintage of exceptional quality and an undeniable aging potential.

The Côte de Beaune

Wealth and concentration are the watchwords of the vintage on Chardonnay. The nose, with floral and fruity scents, is of a beautiful intensity. When aired, they also reveal notes of dried fruits and spices. The mouth is full-bodied and generous, endowed with an imposing body. The length is impressive. Here too, 2015 is undoubtedly an admirable vintage!

The aromatic expression of the reds of the Côte de Beaune is spectacular: with fragrances of berries mingling ripe fruit and spices. The moderate acidity and the suppleness of the tannins give the palate a most pleasant roundness and ensure a very pleasant finish. Superb vintage again!

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