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2017: all the elegance of Burgundy

In 2017, Burgundy returned to a harvest volume close to normal, in particular for the reds, which is accompanied by high quality wines. The markets are not mistaken and quickly acclaim this vintage with very Burgundian elegance.

The vines cycle takes full advantage of the very summer spring, taking a lead from bud break (early April) that it will keep until the harvest. Everything is linked very quickly. The summer knows some scorching episodes, which alternate with a more mixed weather. However, maturation continues at a good pace. At the end of August, the first grapes are harvested, 2 weeks ahead of the average. The harvest continues until mid-September, as each plot matures. The only downside is that some sectors affected by the spring frost are not achieving the expected yields, particularly in white.

The Côte Chalonnaise

Like its northern neighbor, the Côte Chalonnaise has produced high quality white wines. At Mercurey, the wines are precise, aromatic, with magnificent tension. A very fine vintage.

The light millerandage on the Pinots is at the origin of colorful and concentrated wines. Their aromatic expression and structure are superb. The ripe and silky tannins are integrated into a fine and tight frame. Superb vintage with impressive aging potential.

The Côte de Beaune

The production is homogeneous on Chardonnay and the quality is undeniable. The wines present notes of citrus, mixed with delicate scents of pear, peach or apricot. They are full-bodied, beautifully balanced and endowed with a fresh and tasty finish. A very good vintage with excellent aging potential.

The climatic conditions allowed the Pinot Noir grapes to reach very good maturity. The wines present intense fruity aromas (red fruits and ripe black berries) accompanied by some pleasantly spicy notes. Their palate is perfectly balanced, their tannins are supple and silky and their body is real. Very nice vintage, which can be appreciated from its earliest youth, but also can be stored happily for a few years.

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