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2018: an ideal vintage

What satisfaction! This vintage provokes a rare enthusiasm, from north to south of Burgundy. The exceptional weather of the year and exceptional during the harvest favored perfect sanitary conditions, which explains the harvests spread over nearly a month.

After having stocked up during the winter, thanks to particularly rainy weather, the vegetative cycle first takes a little delay. When the sun comes out in April, the vine jumps at the chance and bud break occurs very quickly. The mild weather then allows the vines to catch up and even get ahead. The frosts in April shake the whole region, but the damage remains very limited. Flowering and fruit set go smoothly.

Summer is synonymous with constant heat and drought. A few hailstorms in early July are of little consequence. The vine continues to develop at a sustained rate until mid-August. Verraisons, however, take a little longer in places, the heat and the lack of water affect some younger vines.

However, the water reserves having been reconstituted during the winter, most of the vines finish their maturation in beauty, in a rather serene atmosphere, thanks to a fine weather forecast!

In the last ten days of August, the first grapes are harvested. The flowering dates, then the rainfall and the temperature having varied greatly from one sector to another, the harvest extends until the last ten days of September.

The harvest is extraordinarily healthy and the weather is perfect: everyone takes the time and harvest at the best time. The atmosphere is serene in the vineyard. The winegrowers never stop smiling at this magnificent harvest, as beautiful in quality as in quantity. Many say they will not see such a phenomenon again anytime soon!

White wines

The white vinifications go smoothly. Finally, the grapes unite despite the hot weather, to maintain a good level of acidity.

In 2018, the aromatic complexity of white wines is incredible. These are explosive wines on the nose, whose diversity of aromas reflects incredibly well that of each terroir. The wines retain a certain freshness and minerality. The palate is round and generous, balanced by a nice tension.

Red wines

Due to the slightly higher alcoholic strengths, the reds require more attention during vinification.

The 2018 red wines stand out for their intense color, which never ceases to seduce! The wines are already very structured and powerful, with coated tannins. They keep a nice concentration of fruit. The balance of the wines is perfect. They are exceptional in more than one way and are already tasted very well in their youth.

It is a vintage full of indulgence with accomplished maturities.

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