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Chassagne-Montrachet - The Stones

Origin of the name

The village of Chassagne-Montrachet has its origins in the Gallo-Roman era when the Gauls, calling it "Cassanos", described this place as "planted with oaks". Vineyard replanted a lot in white, red is becoming rarer.

Years of planting


Nature of soils

Aargau marl, rich and deep, quite stony in depth


Reasoned, with mechanical soil tillage, plowing, without any herbicide

Les Pierres fond transparent.png

Available vintages

From 2021. The plot, too tired, was pulled up in 2017 to be replanted in
Chardonnay in 2019.



The plot from which this wine comes is located at a place called “Les Pierres”, a stone's throw from the Château de Chassagne-Montrachet, in a stony area, as its name suggests.


0.23 ha = 5.3 worked = 0.57 ac


about 230 m

Chassagne-Montrachet Les Pierres.png
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