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From the art of serving to the art of producing

« How do you find yourself in Chassagne-Montrachet when you are a restaurateur in Paris? Chance sometimes does things well. Of course, you have to love wine and Burgundy. It's not enough. One day in 2010, I received a phone call from a friend who asked me : 

  • Chassagne, are you interested ?

I answer immediately :

  • Of course, do we have a tasting ?

  • No, it's the vine !

I don't understand right away. Then gradually I understand that there is an opportunity to relaunch an area close to abandonment. The work is enormous, but the climates are of good quality, the opportunity to cultivate a vineyard in Burgundy is unmissable. »


Patrice du Jeu, operator of the Héritiers Saint-Genys estate.

The Héritiers Saint-Genys wine estate, located in the heart of the village of Chassagne-Montrachet, produces wines in the pure tradition of Burgundy wines. Patrice du Jeu, respects nature and attaches great importance to gentle, non-interventionist oenology, by vinifying wines as naturally as possible. The vineyards are from Côte de Beaune, Côte Châlonnaise, and also Beaujolais, in the village appellation and 1er cru.

Burgundy is known for its Grands Crus and 1er Crus, but the village and regional appellations hide beautiful nuggets to discover to amaze your taste senses. So come and meet us, with great pleasure we welcome you to the estate in Chassagne-Montrachet for a wine tasting in our beautiful cellars. We are committed to sharing with you the taste of a job well done in the vines and in the cellar, which offers Héritiers Saint-Genys wines subtle aromas and delicate tannins.

Family heritage

At the beginning of 2011, in association with his uncle, Patrice acquired the estate. With his family and traditional heritage, he undertakes to uproot, replant, clean, equip himself, and finally surround himself. In 2013, Jean-Baptiste ALINC, an oenologist by training, joined the estate to support it in this adventure by putting his knowledge, know-how and energy at the service of the estate.

For Patrice, becoming a winegrower is an honor, coupled with a great stroke of luck that he knew how to seize and be worthy of it.


“You don't make good wines without good grapes. To have good grapes, you have to give a lot to the vine. She knows how to give it back to us. I love wine from all regions, if it is well done, with love and passion. There are no great wines and little wines for me. Good wine is the one we love. And then wine is also, and above all, a story of sharing and conviviality. An aligoté with friends and a good sausage can often be more pleasant than a grand cru tasted alone. My earliest memories of wine go back to my summer vacation in Burgundy. There was red wine at the table. I am not at all sure that it was of high quality. But we had the right to a small drop in our water worm. Fresh spring water. This reddened water was the best drink. "


Many years later, Patrice, his associates and his team are well established in Chassagne-Montrachet near Beaune. Its wines and its know-how are recognized and have won several medals.

Patrice du Jeu Vigneron


Our philosophy

Le Clos Saint-Jean represents elegance in Patrice's offer, before the year 1000, the village of Chassagne-Montrachet already drew its glory from this Clos Saint Jean, owned by the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Jean-le- Grand d'Autun founded by Brunehaut in 589.


In Mercurey, on the "Clos Marcilly", a vast replanting program was launched in 2011. 2014 will be the first vintage of this exceptional cru vinified by the estate, both in red and white. 2016 marked a new stage: Clos Marcilly is now the monopoly of Héritiers Saint-Genys.


After the vast restoration program undertaken by Les Héritiers Saint-Genys, the estate has regained its former glory, giving back to its climates the prestige they once enjoyed.


The approach is artisanal in order to offer high quality wines. The philosophy is based on the attachment to the terroirs, the respect for the vineyard and the passion for wine. All the wines are aged in the cellars of the estate in the purest Burgundian tradition.


The vines are worked in a reasoned way, without any herbicide, by limiting the contributions of phytosanitary products and by privileging the work of the soil. Since 2017, animal traction has been reintroduced for plowing.


The winery has been renovated in order to benefit from the best vinification techniques.


The estate also relies on a trading structure which enables the range of its wines to be completed by purchasing grapes, musts or wine, as soon as possible so that they are in perfect harmony with its philosophy.

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