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Mercurey 1er cru - Clos Marcilly Monopole White

Origin of the name

The word Marcilly comes from the Gallic “march” and the low Latin words mariscus and mariscelleus which mean “marshes, marshy places”. It is one of the 5 first 1 ers crus officially recognized in 1943.

Years of planting

2012 (1.76 ha), 2013 (1.0 ha) and 2014 (0.39 ha)

Nature of soils

deep and clay-limestone.


Reasoned, with mechanical work of the soil, plowing of which on horseback, without any herbicide

HSG - Mercurey - 1er Cru - Clos Marcilly

Available vintages

Cuvées available

Since the 2018 vintage, when the vintage allows it and deserves it, we have been developing the Cuvée Hermine from our best barrels and our “classic” Clos Marcilly Monopole from the rest of our Chardonnays from this plot.



Emblematic vine of the Domaine, in monopoly since 2016, it comes from an exceptional plot of Mercurey, among the most prestigious of the appellation, in the Hameau d'Etroyes. The Chardonnays were completely replanted by Patrice du Jeu on a wasteland and after uprooting old vines. Entirely enclosed by walls, this plot of 7.5 ha in total is thus sheltered from the greatest frost. And the presence of a spring allows it not to suffer too much from drought.


4.21 ha = 98.4 worked = 10.4 ac


Mercurey 1er cru Clos Marcilly Blanc.png

228 to 240 m

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