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Morgon - En Ruyère

Origin of the climate

Morgon wines draw their strength from the terroir of Villié-Morgon. This famous Beaujolais cru contains an exceptional power which releases its secrets after a few years. he is perhaps the most "Burgundian" of the Beaujolais vintages. Don't we say "The Charm of a Burgundy and the fruit of a Beaujolais".

Located to the west of the hamlet of Morgon, in the southernmost part of the appellation, the vineyard is on a gently sloping hillside, facing south-east, and at an altitude of between 350 and 400 meters. The soil, marked by erosion, very stony, gives Morgon "Les Charmes" the fleshy fruitiness of the great Beaujolais, and the rich and fine expression specific to Burgundy wines.

Average age of the vines

50 years

Nature of soils

Stony soils of ancient alluvium




Available vintages

2017 , 2018 coming soon


2.95 ha


The En Ruyère sector, where the vines that gave birth to this wine flourish, is located to the south-east of Villié-Morgon.


between 360 and 395 m

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