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Santenay White


The “Sous la Roche” terroir is, according to Michel Bettane, “One of the best vines for planting Chardonnay”. Like that of the "Comme-above", it offers steep slopes with optimal exposure to the south-southeast. It adjoins the 1st growths La Maladière and Beaurepaire. The “Comme-above”, further east, overlooks, as its name suggests, the Premier Cru “La Comme”.

Years of planting

1990, 1991 and 1992

Nature of soils

Moderately thick limestone soils, clayey-sandy on marl and limestone.


Reasoned, with mechanical soil tillage, plowing, without any herbicide

HSG - Santenay - Blanc - Fond Transparen

Available vintages



As Above 0.5 ha = 12 openings = 1.27 ac

Sous La Roche 0.35 ha = 8.3 worked = 0.88 ac


between 300 and 425 m

Santenay Blanc.png
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