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The most commonly accepted etymology of the name Savigny is Latin: Sabinus or Savinus, a proper name frequently used in Rome and coming from the word Sabini, which means sabin inhabitant of the Italian province, Sabine.

Like an unfolding map, the landscape widens between the Montagne de Corton and Beaune. The heights of the Côte de Beaune take a step back, on either side of a small river Rhoin. The vineyard is old. It has long belonged to the Ducal domain, to neighboring abbeys, to the Knights of Malta. The important 14th century castle signals the legitimate claims of the area.

Nature of soils

deep and rich, The subsoil consists of marls rich in clay, which brings finesse but also power to the wine



Available vintages


Our cuvée comes from a plot located at an altitude of 250 meters on the foothills of the alluvial cone of the river Le Rhoin which crosses the village, facing the Montagne de Corton.


around 250 m with a North North-East exposure.

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